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Give them a place to sleep, a roof over their head, two meals a day, and love!

Otherwise known as : FOSTERING!

PLEASE consider finding the room in your home and place in your heart for a homeless pet. Fostering is what makes rescue POSSIBLE! It also really helps make pets more adoptable. Especially important for puppies and kittens who need to be socialized and taught wrong and right. You are the bridge to their forever! YOU can fill that gap in the period of time between an animal losing their home and when they find the human who has been waiting for them. You are the reason that a stray doesn't end up in a cold, scary, noisy animal shelter at risk of euthanization just for having arrived at a time when the volume of homeless animals is too high for the shelter's capacity.

QUESTION: How do I become a foster?

ANSWER: Just go to the [VOLUNTEER] button and fill out the application. Type “Foster” in the [Experience and Background] Field.

Or send us an email at:

Let us know if there is a particular animal you are interested in fostering, or if you just prefer a dog, cat, puppy, kitten(s), or a momma cat and litter of babies. If you are experienced in bottle feeding, please let us know!



GNAR pays for all vet expenses and makes all medical decisions for foster pets while in foster homes. We arrange for spay and neuter appointments and vaccinations and testing. Fosters are encouraged to provide transportation to the vet clinic, but volunteers can pick up and deliver when needed. For adult pets, all vetting is often already done before a foster home receives the foster pet. Fostering can be short or long term: emergency until a more permanent foster home is found, or that more permanent place to keep them safe and fed until their adopter is found.

Fostering with GNAR is personal. You can be as involved as you would like in helping them to find their forever home! Meeting the potential adopters is up to you! You can help arrange visits with potential adopters, bring foster pets to GNAR adoption events, or just sit back and love on your foster pet and let us do the work.

All foster pets are listed online on Petfinder, on our facebook page, and linked on our website so their faces are out there bringing in inquiries. You can help promote your foster pet(s) by taking cute photos and videos for Petfinder and Facebook, sharing them on Instagram, or by writing up the descriptions of their personalities and compatibilities for their profiles. We evaluate adoption applications to be sure that our foster pets are going to great homes that will make you very happy and proud of your foster pets’ great fortune.

And after your foster pet has gone to their new adoptive forever home, we hope that it was such a fulfilling experience that you will want to do it again and help bridge the gap for the next homeless pet!


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