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About Us

Mission Statement

  • To keep pets and strays out of shelters by promoting fostering and providing a support network for neighbors who care for community animals.

  • To prevent homelessness in pets by helping owners, fosters and neighbors to spay, neuter and vaccinate.

  • To promote disease prevention and address the sources of overpopulation.

  • Trap, neuter, release of ferals and adoptions of homeless animals only after spay/neuter and full vaccinations.

Originally centered in Fairmount and Ryan Place neighborhoods in 2015, in the Near Southside of Fort Worth, Texas, GNAR expanded to help pets of greater Dallas-Fort Worth in 2016, and the greater Houston area in 2018.


GNAR was formed as a local solution to provide a hub for neighbors to come together to save pets and strays, and as a tax-deductible method to pool and distribute shared resources. We offer (and accept) as much or as little assistance to and from neighbors as is required or requested to facilitate the safety, health, and adoption of our community animals in need.

Examples that are put into action every day are the loans and donations of unused dog crates, pet carriers, collars, bowls, beds and more, which would otherwise be just accumulating dust in our neighbors' garages. These help keep a momma and her kittens safely housed indoors while they grow to adoptable ages, or help a foster home to train and keep their own pets separate from a new dog brought in from the street while waiting for vaccinations, testing, and neutering. 

But most of all, GNAR neighbors work towards the larger goal of keeping the stray population in control to reduce the suffering of unwanted, homeless, and neglected animals. 

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