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Don’t call Animal Control, call GNAR!


Good Neighbors Animal Rescue's mission is to facilitate the resolution of animal issues in Fort Worth and Houston, Texas. We want to prevent our community pets from ending up as a statistic at the shelter. We don't pull animals from shelters. We help people who find strays, who are good enough to take them in, but then need to know what to do next. We are there for owners who need to re-home their pets but don't want the impersonal and unknown outcomes of a kill shelter. We trap feral kitties that live in the alleys and re-home those that tame up, and take tame porch cats to get vaccinated. We assist people who have accidental litters and need help spaying and neutering, vaccinating, and finding safe, responsible homes for them, and help make sure that the offspring don't have offspring of their own!


GNAR IS ALL VOLUNTEER RUN AND DONATION BASED. That means that very nearly 100% of all donations go directly to the animals for vet care, spays and neuters, medicine, food and litter. Once in a while we may buy a ream of paper to print flyers or something for our adoption event table, but even that is usually donated by volunteers, foster homes and other donors.

GNAR's methods are to promote and facilitate fostering, spaying, neutering, adopting, and vaccinating, and to spread out the financial burden of the big-hearted among all of us who want to help.

Overpopulation and lack of enforcement of spay and neuter laws in the South mean that thousands upon thousands of pets are euthanized in shelters that come from your own community. If each person in America took in just one animal, we could solve the problem instantly. The answer is fostering, adopting, spaying and neutering rather than buying from breeders or from people who let their own pets have litters. Pets also suffer and die on the streets from lack of food, shelter, and medicine. Taking them in is the first step in stopping the cycle and preventing the next generation from suffering the same fate. So many diseases are 100% preventable with just one $10 vaccine. It is a needless tragedy each time one dies from feline leukemia, canine parvo, or kennel cough. Low cost vet clinics such as TCAP, Spay Neuter Network and other walk in service organizations are available throughout the Dallas Fort Worth area and people need to pass it on!

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